Wie die Frauen so ticken (2020)

Wie die Frauen so ticken (2020)
Opis: Linda, is an emancipated and self-confident young business woman on the fast lane. She thinks that she's fully under control of her emotions, career and relationship. Linda who is very much in love with her boyfriend Christian, is convinced that she'll marry him one day. However, Christian's proposal comes exactly the moment when Linda is promoted as chief editor at the head office of her lifestyle magazine. Linda needs to move to Berlin and Christian can't come with her as he has his own business to look after. Their feelings for each other are now being tried. What is more important to Linda, Christian or another tick on her career ladder. In this moment of despair, Linda's feelings materialize themselves and become visible for her. Only Linda is able to see them. She's confronted with her mind which is very rational and her mind rejects "love" as it has too much emotion.
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