The Snapper (1993)

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The Snapper (1993)
Opis: In the working-class Barrytown, Dublin, Ireland, the happy Curley family is composed by the father Dessie, his wife Kay, three sons and three daughters. When the twenty-year old Sharon discloses to her family that she is pregnant, she refuses to tell the name of the father. Soon Dessie tells the news to his friends in the pub and Sharon discloses also to her three friends in another pub. But when Dessie's friend Lester overhears the old George Burgess bragging to his friends in a pub that Sharon is a great f-word, the life of Sharon and her family changes in Barrytown and she learns that she has only one real and best friend, Jackie. And Dessie tries to become a better father and husband than never, learning how to deal with women.
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