The Distances (2018)

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The Distances (2018)
Opis: Four old friends from the university times travel from Barcelona to Berlin to meet Álex Comas, the other friend of the bunch who moved Germany years ago. They are Olivia, a woman pregnant of seven months of her first baby; Guille and Anna, a longtime couple with problems after she was fired and doesn't find a new job; and the naive Eloi, who despite to have work moved to his parents' house after to lose his own by the debts. Arriving the Friday to spend three days remembering old times in order to celebrate with Comas during a full weekend his 35th birthday that it will be the Sunday, the own Comas is surprised by the unexpected visit of the group, but soon the things complicate between them: in their first talks emerge contradictions and conflicts by their different lives and personal situations, and at the end of the night a taciturn and depressive Comas, taking advantage a boys date to drink in a night pub with Guille and Eloi, leaves the pub and misses in the city unable to stay ...
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