Shuffle (2011)

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Shuffle (2011)
Opis: Lovell Milo, a gifted small-town photographer, begins to live his life in a seemingly random order. He awakes at the age of 92 having no specific memories of his life in linear order, and after falling asleep, awakes again at the age of 28. With each cycle of falling asleep and waking, he finds himself living a different day at a different age in his life, a problem worsened by narcolepsy. A select few people in Lovell's life seem to be aware of what is happening to him, and they assert that his experience is a gift rather than a curse. He is implored to "pay attention". Lovell must learn the purpose of his skips through his own lifetime, and learn to what extent - if at all - he can use them to change his own life.
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