Sam Smith Live at Abbey Road Studios (2020)

6.4 10 61
Sam Smith Live at Abbey Road Studios (2020)
Opis: Excellent production, well thought out, good mix of songs, anecdotes, clips from the past. The back drop was interesting. Despite social distancing the atmosphere and enjoyment were the elemets that dominated.Sam Smith's voice was, as always, superb. Never fails. Their personality has developed and matured. Sam is also an entertainer now, good presenter and lovely humour. Can't give them anything other than full marks. The songs from the new album are winners. Truly a superstar.What worked well was the involvement of the band and backing singers. Fans have become familiar with Sam's support team, but their own talents were showcased. Congratularions to LaDonnaMarie; lovely voice.Loss of one star for the technical blip that stopped some fans who had paid from entering the site. An email this morning offered them the opportunity to log in again and the show will be available for a week. As it should. Fortunately, one fan livestreamed the show on IG so that was a great service.
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