Roads in February (2018)

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Roads in February (2018)
Opis: When Sara was a young girl, her parents emigrated from Uruguay to Canada. Now Sara has returned to visit her paternal grandmother Magda. The trip was planned for both her and her father, but he mysteriously couldn't make it. Both of them have turned out to be economic disappointments. As Magda complains to her friends: What is the point of going to Canada just to work as a waitress? Meanwhile, Sara's distractibility and inability to complete tasks leads to a tragedy.This is a decent portrait of the split personality of someone away for a long time who is "coming home". Even though she speaks fluent Spanish, everything feels a bit "off". In tone, therefore, it fits with the writer / director's life experiences (I was at a screening with her Q+A). However, the film has too many loose ends for me to enjoy it fully.
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