Princess Cut (2020)

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Princess Cut (2020)
Opis: Adapted from the award winning stage play, "Bitch Brow" by Demetra Kareman. Directed by award winning director Elaine Del Valle. This genre bending suspense, dark comedy unites characters from opposite sides of the economic spectrum. Set in "The Hamptons"-- a mostly blue color town, that between Memorial Day and Labor Day turns into the richest zip code in the United States. One night post Labor Day--Teresa is a tough townie chick that works the overnight shift at the local Hamptons wash and fold laundromat. As she waits for her Uber driving Fiancé, Jimmy, to return Elodie, an uptight debutante, enters in need of a phone to call an Uber to return her to the city. Teresa questions why a "fancy lady like" Elodie doesn't have a phone. Elodie's response, "Cancer, 5G waves...they say it's the equivalent of standing inside of a microwave." Elodie offers Teresa cash for a ride and Teresa snags the cash and makes a phone call to Jimmy. Meanwhile Jimmy unwittingly gets wrangled into a high ...
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