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Musclecar (2017)
Opis: Bambi Steele is about to make her first film. But with the only money she has Bambi buys her dream car a 1968 V8 Dodge Phoenix. She tells her cast the film is off. Unable to run her newly acquired muscle car, and at risk of losing it she enlists brother Bucks help. Bambi turns to her dark side when she finds a way to both run her car and bring it to life in the pages of a book. Using voodoo, Bambi needs blood, an OX heart and eight human souls to achieve the impossible. Enter Randy Bambi's leading man and he is besotted by the Femme Fatale. Together they kill her cast one by one and put the blood in the car. When Randy threatens to destroy the car and spill the beans to the cops. Buck steps in to save the day and soon Randy is fed to the beast. In the end Bambi will pay the ultimate price in an all out voodoo onslaught that will bring her Frankenstein monster to life.
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