Impact (2000)

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Impact (2000)
Opis: Impact is the story of Rob (Jack Bradley), a successful young man whose life is interrupted when he crosses paths with a smart and a beautiful woman named Leslie (Michele Howard). After being suddenly and mistakenly arrested, Rob begins a city-wide search for Leslie, unsure of her last name or where to find her. With the aid of his quirky friend and business partner Mark (Shawn Kerwin), he eventually tracks down the woman of his dreams, trying to win her over and prove his worth. Succumbing to his charms, Leslie embarks on a whirlwind courtship with Rob, and their shared love dominates their lives. With his spirits blossoming and his business booming, Rob's only regret is the relationship with his father, which has forever been damaged by his father's drinking and Rob's unwillingness to forgive. When tragedy strikes, Rob is forced to confront his inner demons, re-evaluating his focus in life and the judgments he's rendered against his father. Faced with the ultimate decision, even Rob...
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