Hush (2020)

Hush (2020)
Opis: Dr. Abigail Williams is a forensic psychologist assigned to a unique case about a woman who recently murdered both of her parents. Abby is selfishly excited when the case of the City vs. Hettie Dallman lands on her plate. Hettie Dallman is on trial for brutally murdering both of her parents. She has barely spoken a word since it has all happened. What has brought out this behavior in an otherwise unremarkable person? This is the case that Abby has been waiting for. This case will make an excellent closing dissertation for the book she has been working on for the past year. She dives headstrong into the case neglecting a much needed family vacation with her husband and daughter that causes deep splinters in her already struggling marriage. As Abby digs deeper into Hettie's past she ends up unlocking disturbing secrets in her own.
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