Hemingway Italiassa (2012)

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Hemingway Italiassa (2012)
Opis: Ernest Hemingway is an almost mythical figure. In addition to being an author, he is literary work himself - a real rock star ante litteram. Much of his life has been an eternal holiday, minutely documented and continues to be a source of inspiration for himself. Wherever there are places that share their quotes: true or presumed. The pictures that portray him are thousands. Hemingway had built a fame as a captain of ventura, expressing a strong personality, man and myth, joining the life lived in the imagination of his characters. It is in this context that his many trips to Italy are included. From the First World War to the advent of Fascism, from the Second World War to the Boom Years: both male and female acquaintances, relationships with food and wine, landscapes, loves, pleasures and tragedies of life, especially in Veneto, were fundamental to the writer. Finding how Hemingway was a forerunner of the modern public figure, we will also see how he eventually found himself victim ...
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