Hello Ladies: The Movie (2014)

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Hello Ladies: The Movie (2014)
Opis: Attending Jessica's 30th birthday party at a local nightclub, Stuart gets a call from his British ex-girlfriend Trudy, who informs him that she and her husband Mike--the man who stole Trudy from Stuart--are coming to LA for a visit. Determined to impress the pair and prove to Trudy that she made a mistake by leaving him, Stuart decides he needs a hot model on his arm, and gets Glenn to invite him on a swank boat party hosted by a tycoon named Alan. There, he meets a Russian model named Tatiana, who agrees to pose as his girlfriend on a double date with Mike and Trudy. Meanwhile, after an embarrassing yogurt commercial audition, Jessica decides to quit acting, even though she has no idea what to do next. When Tatiana flakes at the last minute, Stuart convinces Jessica to accompany him on his double date. The foursome hits up a swanky, star-studded LA hills house party, and Trudy and Mike are duly impressed. The ruse complete, Stuart and Jessica realize their fake 'date' just might ...
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