Elodie (2019)

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Elodie (2019)
Opis: A supporting character in her own life, Sabrina Stone dreams of being a respected playwright and theatrical star; someone confident and beloved, someone like Elodie, the main character of her fictional play. When she gets the chance to perform her piece for a large audience, she cracks under the intense personal and artistic pressure, humiliating herself and her peers. As issues in her own life begin to reflect those of her story, Sabrina is visited by Elodie herself, who transports her into the surreal world of her own writing. Romance, kidnapping, murder, and a mystical object that grants one's greatest desire are all in play when fiction becomes a reality. Sabrina must navigate the dark and moody landscape she created, save her characters from the problems she gave them, and come to terms with the person she wants to be.
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