Darrow & Darrow Witness to Murder (2019)

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Darrow & Darrow Witness to Murder (2019)
Opis: Joanna Darrow is tapping into her never used maternal instincts in having a new sense of joy in reconnecting with daughter and granddaughter, Claire and Lou Darrow, and in working smaller cases at Claire's law firm, Darrow and Darrow. That instinct includes advising Lou on her run for class president. The next potential client that walks into Darrow and Darrow is Cassie Piper, a lawyer herself who was about to blow the whistle for malfeasance on the firm specializing in corporate and investment law for which she works, they in turn accusing her of insider trading. This story being eerily familiar to that of Joanna's professional problem is no coincidence as the firm in question is Herrimann, Corrigan and Herrimann - Joanna's old firm - Cassie, to who Joanna then acted as a mentor, being the one who made such accusations against Joanna. Cassie claims that she was just viewing the evidence against Joanna as it presented itself, she now seeing how easily the highers-up in the firm could ...
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