Bo Ba Rac Roi (2015)

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Bo Ba Rac Roi (2015)
Opis: Vy is a young journalist who is very shy and dares not lose her virginity. My is a sexy independent woman. Dung is a family woman who acts more like a maid to her husband. One day, these three women wake up on an island near Hoi An, each in a very strange situation and unable to remember what happened the previous night. Vy believes she lost her virginity, Dung looks like a rebellions punk teenager and My has a long cut on her face. Later, Tuan, a handsome but strange young man joins them on their journey. They are threatened with death if they don't return the island's sacred treasure they've accused of stealing, but none has any idea where it is. Following the traces of the prior crazy night, they eventually find a realtor who stole the treasure in order to trick the villagers into selling their land. The girls finally finds the treasure, reveal the truth about the realtor and save the residents from losing their home. They also find out who each of them truly is. —CJ Entertainment
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